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Educate and Inspire with Content-Rich Programs that Deliver Results

Sales people need to do more than succeed. They need to stand out. High Trust Selling Expert Tom Halapatz will educate and inspire with persuasive selling skills that will un-commoditize companies, products and their salespeople. Tom’s “High Trust, Soft Sell” skills are used by thousands of sales people worldwide who want that unfair advantage over a competitor – when they speak.

Tom is driven by a passion for people, sales and results. A successful entrepreneur and sales professional for over 30 years, Tom understands the challenge business leaders and sales professionals face in improving results in today’s highly competitive and commoditized marketplace.

If you are looking for “pump and dump motivational” type training, Tom isn’t for you. On the other hand if you’re looking for solid strategies and skills that can produce immediate and lasting business results, Tom can deliver a keynote, ½ or full day seminars that educate and inspire.

At the end of the day it’s always about one word… RESULTS! Which is exactly why Tom has delivered over a 1,000 presentations to clients such as Investors Group, Freedom 55 Financial, Sun Life Financial Services, The Cooperators, Toshiba Business Solutions and many others.

All programs offer customized content that speaks directly to your audience and the challenges they face to ensure audiences are engaged, thus readily willing to apply what they learned.

Examples of a few programs available:

  1. How to get inside your clients Mind!
  2. Trust is the Biggest Sale you will Ever Make.
  3. No Action – No Sale!
  4. What does a quality sales experience have to do with reputation capital?