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MASTER RECRUITING for the Financial Services Industry

Attracting, inspiring, and retaining people to be a successful new hires is an art and a science. “It doesn’t have to take 100 interviews to hire one advisor.” It does require mastery of a combination of crucial skills that flow together to attract, qualify or disqualify and inspire average people to transform their way of thinking and beliefs to be a successful new hire with long term career potential.

There are many moving parts: Recruiting is an art because of the continual underlying ambivalence that both parties experience during the discovery process. “I want to hire this person, I’m unsure they’ll make it” or “I want to be a financial advisor, but not on straight commission.” Ambivalence is either created or eliminated in the recruiting process. There’s a fine line between skillfully selling or un-selling a candidate. You have to differentiate yourself from a competitor, while addressing the misconceptions potential candidates have about your company and industry without over selling the company or career.

Recruiting is a science because you’re not recruiting; you’re enrolling people into what is possible and to partner with you. Especially important when enticing competitive advisors to join your team.

We’ve reformatted the Emotivational Selling System to create a proprietary Master Recruiting Program. It’s thorough, precise and very effective. Rather than surfing want ads, its starts with Mastering the Approach for prospecting. Then from the first interview the training begins; training and inspiring new candidates to make the right decision, so they can do the same for their clients.

What if you had the tools to be effective in your marketplace but more importantly what if you had the expertise and the knowledge to use them, you would be unstoppable and invaluable. Tom Halapatz’ Recruiting Mastery program will give you the tools and knowledge to win in the recruiting game. Curriculum that has no peer.

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