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If you’re in business you’re in sales. Most sales people know how to sell they just don’t know how to sell well, they sell product on price and look, talk, and try to build relationships like everyone else.

Most sales people have little or no idea why people trust them or how to duplicate high trust relationships, nor break into a competitor’s customer base. Trust is built on purpose with a specific plan of action and process. Mastering the art and science of being trustworthy and building trust is what differentiates average performers from top producers.

Tom Halapatz; is the leading expert on developing high trust relationships. Tom says, “Trust is the single most important thing that determines a person’s success or failure. Trust out does technical competence, credentials, sales skills, marketing acumen, tenure and track record.” Tom has extensive experience training and mentoring Professional Salespeople to achieve top levels of sustained performance in any B2B or B2C selling environment.

Look at it this way!

  • People who buy from you trust you to some extent, the question is “how much do they really trust you?”
  • Do they trust you enough to buy exclusively from you?
  • Do they treat you like a product provider or a trusted advisor?


  • Do they shop around, resist, procrastinate, object?


  • Do you give free advice and make presentations that don’t close?
  • And if you do close, is it with a discount?


  • 95% of Salespeople use
  • A Transactional Sales Process
  • Product-Price-Presentation Focused
  • Client drives the Sales Process
  • Close is difficult
  • Ask for a Referral


  • 5% of Salespeople use
  • Exclusive in your Marketplace
  • Emotivational Fact Find
  • Salesperson drives the Sales Process
  • Close is easy
  • Customers Proactively Promote you

In The High Trust Selling Academy, you will learn how to:

  1. Master the Approach when prospecting, when referred, at a trade show, in a networking conversation – so it doesn’t feel awkward bridging from a social conversation to a business conversation. So when you have that one shot chance to create a sales opportunity you don’t blow it!
  2. Establish Trust, Relate and Communicate trust to build meaningful relationships. Differentiate yourself from every competitor and be exclusive in your marketplace.
  3. The Emotivational Fact-FindTM  , Create a self motivation for change; a required modernization of the traditional selling model. Instead of telling, educating, presenting, and pushing products and selling at the lowest possible price, engage people in a way in which they sell themselves, a self-motivation to change. So much easier! Plus you will learn how to “Get inside your client’s mind”.  A must have skill to communicate with the resistant, soft spoken, skeptical, close-minded, analytical, expressive people you face every day. Master the Value Sell so people identify the intrinsic and unique value of your product or service when creating opportunities or when a potential customer has a relationship with a competitor.
  4. Breakthrough Denial & Create Urgency. Prevent objections or handle them effectively so you don’t have continuances in your presentations such as “I have to think about it, I`m not interested, were meeting with another vendor, we don’t have the money ion the budget…”
  5. Action. Make the Close the easy because it’s what they want to do, you’ve created the desire and so acting on your recommendation is the best course of action to address their wants, needs, and objectives. Stop wasting time chasing people; continually phoning, following up, trying to get the 1st appointment and have them keep the 2nd. The problem isn’t time management – the problem is client management. When you get control of the sales process, you will have a lot more time and high closing ratio.
  6. Receive quality Introductions. The question is how do you get referred if you don’t know how to sell trust? Generate a high quality sales experience that accurately represents the reputation capital of your brand and clients will become your advocate, proactively introducing you into their inner circle – that’s how.
  7. Unshakeable Confidence. This is not a motivational seminar! But you will become motivated when you have skill and a system that actually works – success will cause more success. Skill builds confidence, confidence increases effectiveness.

You’ll never have to do this to close a sale or experience these problems:

Pressure, convince, manipulate, push, try, hoping, waiting, worrying, wondering, delays, not knowing what to say, talking too much, long appointments, lengthy selling cycle, people cancelling contracts, a lengthy selling cycle, people shopping your solution, be seen only as a product provider, used for free advice, non-committal clients, continually phoning – following up, people over analyzing, the frustration that leads you to ask yourself “why don’t they just trust me and buy from me?”

This is an unrivaled, proprietary approach to selling Trust and closing sales delivered in a modern, refreshing, practical, word by word, step by step, what to do, what to say and how to say it format so you can apply the skills in your next customer engagement and create a positive result.


  • This is not a “pump and dump motivational”, nor “a few good ideas seminar” or that “elusive magic bullet”. It’s mastering a craft and the disciplined science of professional selling.
  • We teach a client centric selling model, “sell the client not the product”. A simple, yet profoundly effective concept.

Who should attend?

  • The High Trust Selling Academy is offered to sales people via public seminar or customized for corporate clients. This is an approach to professional selling that you`ve never experienced or been exposed to before. Must have skills for everyone in the people business including:
  • Entrepreneurs, Sales Managers, Customer Support, Technical Staff, Service Personnel and Human Resources as there’s always a need to sell trust, get inside another mind/ get people to open up, motivate, connect & communicate and forge a deeper relationships both internally and externally.
  • Everyone, at any tenure of their career or position. You will learn a selling system that re-invigorates that enthusiasm you once had, or need, to be a success. Whether it’s your first day or your 40 years in the trenches, you’ll discover the blind spots that cause you to not close business leave profit on the table and have customers buy from a competitor.
  • New Sales People; have them producing good numbers in their most important first 180 days and take literally 5 years off their learning curve.
  • Mid and Tenured Sales People who want to build their customer base in an efficient meaningful way.
  • “Old dogs who need new tricks” to be effective in today’s fiercely competitive marketplace.
  • Successful Entrepreneurs and Salespeople. When you’re already experiencing success, it’s a great opportunity to fine tune your skills!
  • Your Sales Team: If you could pick the top sales person in your company and ask them how they do it, they couldn’t tell you. They would tell you what to do, but they couldn’t tell you how to do it. You’ll learn how to bottle and duplicate their success personally or throughout your organization.
  • Those who want that elusive knack to approach, engage, build trust and close good business in their respective market segment!
  • The Sales Trainer you’re using; there is no offering available that offers this level of skill. Most sales trainers don’t even know they need to teach this material. The High Trust Selling Academy is either opposite of, or ignites your present selling approach. It was created from years of practical application and simply works.

Mastering the High Trust Selling System will:

Help you achieve a minimum 70+ closing ratio with qualified customers while maximizing profits, in less time with less stress. And create a quality sales experience that accurately represents the reputation capital of your company that motivates people to proactively introduce you into their inner circle. Tom Halapatz can customize the High Trust Relationship System to address the unique needs of your company, product, or the individual challenges and opportunities in your respective marketplace. This tightly focused training produces immediate and long-lasting results. When you choose Tom as your sales training partner, he will deliver training relevant to the specific needs of your organization with follow-up that drives implementation with accountability. This will ensure the selling system implemented will deliver the biggest impact on time and capital invested.