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Have you ever wanted to make $100,000, $250,000 or $ 500,000+ a year selling financial service products? It’s tough to do in a marketplace where people are conditioned not to trust and financial service advisors are viewed and often treated like a commodity. If you truly and quickly want to build your ideal practice and lifestyle, Tom Halapatz’s High Trust Relationship Academy for Financial Advisors is your most value-able resource.

Most Financial Service Professionals have little or no idea how to un-commoditize themselves in a noisy market nor understand why people (their clients) trust them or how to leverage high trust relationships to break into the high net worth market segment.

Tom Halapatz; is the leading expert on developing high trust relationships. Tom says,

“Trust is the single most important thing that determines a person’s success or failure as a financial professional. Trust out does technical competence, credentials, sales skills, marketing acumen, tenure and track record.”

Look at it this way!

  • People who buy from you trust you to some extent, the real question is, “how much do they really trust you?”
  • Do they trust you enough to ignore the media?
  • Do they trust you enough to refer you to quality people?
  • Do they trust you enough to consolidate all their assets with you?
  • Do they trust you enough to implement all of your advice in the services you offer?


  • Do they have their money invested with multiple financial institutions?
  • Do they drive the sales process, treating you like a commodity vendor?
  • Do you end up giving free financial advice and make presentations that don’t close?

The question that begs to be answered is:

If financial service products are in such demand, why are people not lining up at your door to buy them?

The Traditional Approach

High Trust Approach

The High Trust Relationship System is an unrivaled proprietary Selling System that will uncommoditize you, your company and product, and make it easy to create and close quality business opportunities in less time and less stress. Conducted in a modern, refreshing, practical, what to do, what to say, how to say it, word by word, step by step, taught in an experiential way so you can apply the skills in your first appointment, (because you have one) and create a positive result.

Trust is built on purpose with specific communication skills, actions and process:

  1. Master the Approach when prospecting, when referred, at a trade show, in a networking conversation – so it doesn’t feel awkward bridging from a social conversation to a business conversation. So when you have that one shot chance to create a sales opportunity you don’t blow it!
  2. Establish Trust, Relate and Communicate trust to build meaningful relationships. Differentiate yourself from every competitor and be exclusive in your marketplace.
  3. The Emotivational Fact-FindTM  , Create a self motivation for change; a required modernization of the traditional selling model. Instead of telling, educating, presenting, and pushing products and selling at the lowest possible price, engage people in a way in which they sell themselves, a self-motivation to change. So much easier! Plus you will learn how to “Get inside your client’s mind”.  A must have skill to communicate with the resistant, soft spoken, skeptical, close-minded, analytical, expressive people you face every day. Master the Value Sell so people identify the intrinsic and unique value of your product or service when creating opportunities or when a potential customer has a relationship with a competitor.
  4. Breakthrough Denial & Create Urgency. Prevent objections or handle them effectively so you don’t have continuances in your presentations such as “I have to think about it, I`m not interested, were meeting with another vendor, we don’t have the money ion the budget…”
  5. Action. Make the Close the easy because it’s what they want to do, you’ve created the desire and so acting on your recommendation is the best course of action to address their wants, needs, and objectives. Stop wasting time chasing people; continually phoning, following up, trying to get the 1st appointment and have them keep the 2nd. The problem isn’t time management – the problem is client management. When you get control of the sales process, you will have a lot more time and high closing ratio.
  6. Receive quality Introductions. The question is how do you get referred if you don’t know how to sell trust? Generate a high quality sales experience that accurately represents the reputation capital of your brand and clients will become your advocate, proactively introducing you into their inner circle – that’s how.
  7. Unshakeable Confidence. This is not a motivational seminar! But you will become motivated when you have skill and a system that actually works – success will cause more success. Skill builds confidence, confidence increases effectiveness.

You’ll never have to do this to close a sale or experience these problems:

Pressure, convince, manipulate, push, try, hoping, waiting, worrying, wondering, delays, not knowing what to say, talking too much, long appointments, lengthy selling cycle, people cancelling contracts, a lengthy selling cycle, people shopping your solution, be seen only as a product provider, used for free advice, non-committal clients, continually phoning – following up, people over analyzing, the frustration that leads you to ask yourself “why don’t they just trust me and buy from me?”


This is not “pump and dump motivational”, nor “a few good ideas seminar” or that elusive magic bullet. It’s mastering a craft and a disciplined science.

The Promises of the High Trust Selling Academy for Financial Advisors

  • Double and triple your weekly appointments. Be effective in new client acquisition.
  • Have a 90% closing ratio in those appointments without leaving business on the table.
  • Build your practice quickly. Receive quality Introductions and be referred into your client’s inner circle.
  • Master the High Net Worth Sell. If a potential client has $1,000,000+ to invest, you’ll learn how to sell trust and obtain the sale in a 35 minute drill down.
  • Sell large insurance premiums and make big investment sales.
  • Consolidate competitive assets. Un-commoditize You, you’re Product and Company – easily differentiate yourself in a noisy market.
  • Create and close Living Benefit & Group sales.
  • Prevent unpaid consulting, (which means you will never have an “I have to think it over” again.)
  • Prevent redemption’s and buyer’s remorse. Never lose a sale you have already made.
  • Be unstoppable in the face of continual resistance and rejection.
  • Be your client’s exclusive respected trusted counsel in your marketplace.
  • Instead of thinking “what do I do now” when a sales problem arises. You will have the skills and unshakeable confidence to address tough sales problems.

Who Should Attend?

  • Everyone at any tenure of their career or position. Whether it’s your first day or your 40 years in the trenches, you’ll discover the blind spots that cause you to not close business, leave money or premium on the table and have clients invest with a competitor. You’ll re-invigorate the enthusiasm you once had or need to be a great success.
  • New Advisors; have them producing good numbers in their most important first 180 days and take 5 years off their learning curve.
  • Mid and tenured advisors who want to build their insurance or investment books in an efficient meaningful way.
  • $100K Producers who want make $250K next year. $250K producers who are looking for the edge to make $500K++, and serious producers who want to earn a $1 million+ annually.
  • All Financial Service Professionals, Sales Managers, Recruiters, Brokers, Securities Specialists, who want that elusive knack to approach, engage, build trust and close good business in their respective market segment.

Mastering the High Trust Relationship will:

  • Double and triple your weekly appointments, achieve a minimum 90%+ closing ratio with qualified clients and create a quality sales experience that is so intimate and so engaging, not only does your client buy your product or service, they proactively introduce you into their inner circle.
  • Develop ever-growing ideal client bases full of engaged, referring, high-value relationships. Graduates learn how to effectively sell the first and only real product of lasting value… trust. Trust is the intangible and yet invaluable currency of any truly successful financial services career.
  • Attract, cultivate meaningful relationships with, and convert individual, families, business owners and high-net-worth individuals into long-term clients. Created and perfected to sell the intangible: Trust, Risk, Security and Peace of Mind.

The High Trust Relationship System for Financial Advisors:

Is either opposite to, compliments, or ignites your present or internal financial selling process. It will accelerate or re-ignite your Advisors sales, confidence, productivity and desire to prospect and serve. Its client centric not product centric.; which means, you will sell Trust, Life, Long Term Care, Critical Illness, Disability, Property & Casualty, Health Insurance, and/or all Security and Investment Products, Financial and Estate Planning by selling the client not the product. Sell the client, not the product. A simple and yet profoundly effective approach!

This unique training has been delivered to over 3000 Financial Advisors at some of North America’s largest financial service and insurance firms: