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Is your product a Commodity? In todays fiercely competitive marketplace there is a sameness in products, companies, and how those products and services are marketed and sold. It’s very hard to be different in a noisy market.

Emotivational Selling will help attract, cultivate and convert meaningful relationships with qualified purchasers, and turn potential customers in to long-term clients. Created and perfected to sell the intangible: Trust, Relationships and Value.

Most Companies or Salespeople have little or no idea why people trust them or how to create and duplicate high trust relationships, other than “face time” over an extended period of time. It doesn’t have to be this way. Mastering the art of creating High Trust Relationships is what differentiates average performers from top performers.

Tom Halapatz; is the leading expert on developing high trust relationships. Tom says:

“Trust is the single most important thing that determines sales success or failure. The ability to sell trust trumps technical competence, credentials, marketing acumen, tenure and track record.”

The Traditional Approach

The High Trust Selling System


  • 95% of Salespeople use
  • A Transactional Sales Process
  • Product-Price-Presentation Focused
  • Client drives the Sales Process
  • Close is difficult
  • Ask for a Referral


  • 5% of Salespeople use
  • Be Exclusive in your Marketplace
  • Emotivational Fact Find
  • Salesperson drives the Sales Process
  • Close is easy
  • Customers Proactively Promote you

Tom Halapatz tailors Emotivational Selling to address the specific challenges and opportunities of your respective marketplace. This tightly focused training produces immediate and long-lasting results. When you choose Tom as your sales training partner, he will deliver training relevant to the specific needs of your organization with follow-up that drives implementation with accountability in all participants with:

  1. Customized training that addresses the most unique needs of your company product, service or key individuals. Tom will complete an extensive preliminary needs analysis which can include in-house or joint field work assessing sales representative competency and market conditions. This will ensure the training and coaching delivered will have the biggest impact on time and capital invested.
  2. A proven selling system and sales strategies for immediate results. The industry is awash with sales techniques, , and ideas that tend to be gimmicks and manipulative. The Emotivational Selling System is a modern, high trust selling system that will work in any B2B or B2C environment, no matter how competitive the market place is or how tough the economy. What’s different and refreshing is that Tom doesn’t just tell you what to do; he will actively demonstrate how to do it in an authentic way that garners immediate implementation from all participants.
  3. Implementation Accountability. Tom provides on-going coaching; sales management training, performance measurements and troubleshooting with Business, Real Deal , Live Deal, and Key Account Coaching for immediate sales support to ensure sales representatives are coached through implementation breakdowns.
  4. Deep Industry Experience. A depth of experience across many industries such as Financial Services, Insurance, Property and Casualty, Manufacturing, Office Equipment, Heavy Equipment, Farm Implements, tangible and intangible products and services.